• Vibrant and Attractive

    Visually rich designs with seamlessly integrated craftsmanship.
  • All-wood. Locally crafted cabinetry

    Redefining quality and workmanship in every cabinet we create.
  • Pride and Professionalism

    We stand behind quality products with expert customer service.
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The DeCoste Difference

The moment you walk into our showroom, you will see what sets DeCoste Kitchens apart from other cabinet companies.

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The Process

  • Step 1

    sprocket-features-img-container Our staff will take you through a tour of our showroom, outlining our products for you.


    Expect to spend at least 1-2 hours with us as we show you all of the extra features and countertop options. Please bring along your floor plans and any pictures you wish to show us.


    We will fill out a breakdown sheet, listing the information we need to complete a quote for you.
  • Step 2

    sprocket-features-img-container A few days after your visit to our showroom, Karl Decoste will contact you directly with a quote.


    The quote will be based on the drawings and information received from you.


    This will be the first of several conversations you will have with Karl until completion.
  • Step 3

    sprocket-features-img-container The next step will be bringing Karl into your home to take measurements of the room and formulate drawings.


    The most ideal time is when the walls are studded and before the electrician and the plumber start.


    ; You can expect to spend upwards to several hours with him as you finalize the design and layout of the kitchen, location of appliances, outlets and plumbing.
  • Step 4

    sprocket-features-img-container You may be coming back in to see us in the showroom to select your counter-top colours, and accessory options


    Please feel free to bring in flooring and paint samples to use as you match colours.
  • Step 5

    sprocket-features-img-container Installation day. This is the day you have been waiting for.


    The size of the project and the number of rooms we are working in will determine how long the installation will take.


    Usually we are out by the end of the day, but may take as long as three days.


    Then you can sit back and enjoy your new space.
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